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Dial fast own clock

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-04-21

Life has a lot of people regret things, but so far there are two things I can not forgive myself: First, filial son wants his parents wait, the second reading is no intention at the time was young.

There is an entrepreneur, busy all day entertainment, the business world too proud, travel extensively, a large fortune, so he did not free to spend with elderly parents. Wait until the parents have died, he came to parents' grave, suddenly thought of the joy of childhood and grow in the love of parents, I think that although wealthy, but even with their parents do not have time to spend, parents dying before he Unable to see above one last time with them, said the last word. He was very sad and guilty soul always been suffering. How he wished time could turn back, even with their parents supra last ten minutes or.

After a young university graduate, he went over a big business. He thought then holding the iron rice bowl ever since, he gave up several opportunities for further study. Did not last long, said the collapse of large companies went bankrupt, he had held an obscure college diploma to find work, although he would some English, the text also, but none of them is proficient. Recruit the talent market a lot of people, but should have a top-notch expertise, his regret, the opportunity in front of him missed a lot a lot. He cursed himself: to use the book hates few when goes, if you had to have the sense of urgency, have prepared earlier, he might have succeeded in finding a better job.

Think of Li Ka-shing. His father died young, very loved his uncle, in order to allow him to work on time, uncle gave him to buy an alarm clock. He set the alarm ten minutes fast, so arrive early a restaurant job. Teahouse owner of his habits impressed, so Li Ka-shing has become the fastest restaurant in salary employees. He quickly dialed the alarm ten minutes habit has been maintained for fifty years, even now, Li Ka-shing watch still cranked ten minutes, this habit has become Hong Kong's business community praised his brother's wife.

Set the clock ahead ten minutes, not only trained human consciousness of time, but also cultivate people's responsibility and sense of urgency.

Everyone in the hearts set forward its own clock, although this is an obscure detail, but brewing the greatest success. Own children to school clock dial fast, fast-charge young graduates dial clock, married men and women caring for parents fast dial clock dial responsible parents raising children fast clock, quick dial love lovers feeling the time clock ...... tune fast, do not underestimate even ten minutes, ten minutes will bring you unexpected good fortune, perhaps to get the teacher's praise, perhaps with the boss, maybe let you calm ease, so that you may never regret.

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