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Do not become a pity will cherish

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on :2016-04-21

Yesterday idle housekeeping, pulls out a beautiful gift boxes from under the bed, curious to open a look, and was greatly surprised with a lot of regret, the discovery of a box of chocolates in 2012 was actually received before the New Year, now think of it, I have been to see the shelf life of a year, only to lose, too bad!

The reason surprise and regret, because this box of chocolates really did not come easy: it was in the United States, a friend sent, crossing half the globe, from flying to the Eastern Hemisphere Western Hemisphere, was so happy when received, is very dear, to put it in the cabinet level, to be a Sunday, my colleagues are next door, open to give everyone. However, after the New Year period and dim busy time, I actually completely forgotten its existence. Now can no longer eat, and had sadly lost, should the end of the earth that friends know, her gift carefully prepared by such a treatment, I will think of it, so it's really guilty, repent too.

But then what use is it? Have been a shelf life, and eat the food is, and can not long-term collection, only to lose, so he thought of the book as well as those who received intermittent English novel from friends, it is now a small box lonely frozen in bed now, several of the ten, then think, in a weekend romantic warmth to read these novels without care, and it should be more interesting, but the 15-year New Year once again came, how many weekend passed, but only those novels read only one, the former always wanted a special weekend, and again wait even forget. Look at the cupboard there are two scarves, last winter comes, Finland is a good friend in time for the Chinese New Year, be woven together with sent, not too long winter of 2014, when only wear a few days, and again covered up, always wanted in one relatively cold weather, wear a suit again, and now, but also a winter and a new year is coming, and that quickly come to the bar, do not put on ice, otherwise, one day You might not necessarily have the opportunity to wear it. Should the mind can not properly requisitioned, it can only be a nice decoration only!

As that box of chocolates, I would like to be a special weekend, and now already past their expiry date, and if those books are waiting for a special weekend reading, as well as to present a new, another example, those beautiful scarves, this winter, do not come up, and after a winter on again next winter to come out, or next winter to think about it not in the mood. Similar things in life, there are many, as there was with someone unpleasant dispute, was himself brave, I did not care for but do not want to admit defeat, but one day we heard that she had a sudden departure from this difficult goodbye present I want to be with her opening day, and now, but in any case is that of a sorry no chance to say.

Why always like to wait for a special occasion? Why always like to say to Japan? In fact, every day is a special day in life is not it? Is it not good at waiting for idle time it mistakenly, thought it was the former treasure, but in the end, but it is a waste of time, lost opportunities, only to find later known, became a treasure Unfortunately, now only regret.

Which tomorrow wearing scarf good-looking? Try it, there will always be right!

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