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Do not dare to think, how successful?

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-07-13

When someone stood on such a stage, many of our classmates will be envious. Will think, maybe I will speak, will speak better than he said. But whether the students standing on the stage is the face of failure or the final success, he has stood on this stage. And you, but also a bystander, which is the core elements inside, not you can not speak, not you have no speech ability, but you dare not stand on this stage. How many things are in our life because we did not dare to do so.

The kind of people who see themselves too high we say he is arrogant, but a low self-esteem, must be even worse than a arrogant man. Because the arrogant person may still be caught in his life was not his chance, but the low self-esteem will always lose the opportunity to belong to him. Because of low self-esteem, so you will be afraid, you are afraid of failure, you are afraid of someone else's eyes, you will feel all around people are holding irony to attack your eyes to see you, so you dare not do it. So you use a person that should not belittle their own elements to belittle themselves, so that you lose the courage, the world of all the doors, have been closed.

A person really good character from the heart want to become more excellent kind of strong desire, and the pursuit of life that kind of fiery passion. Ma Yun who both of all exist.

When we have the courage to take the first step, we must first overcome the fear of the heart, because the world, only you walk forward you can hear the footsteps.

So I hope the students can seriously think about: my heart now have what kind of fear, my heart now have what kind of fear, I was not too concerned about the eyes of others, because these things, my quality of life is not affected , Because of these things, I dare not take the first step in my life, so that my life is no longer far away. If this is the case, please the students bravely on your fear and brave to others eyes, say no! Because i am myself.

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