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UK announces European civil rights program for EU protection

  • Author:kiki
  • Release on:2017-07-12

President Trump has said he has no recording of his conversations with the former FBI chief James Comey who he sacked. Mr. Trump tweeted that he didn’t know whether there were any recordings but he hadn't made any himself. Mr. Trump has previously implied there might be tapes.
Four US republican senators have signaled that they can’t support the draft healthcare bill put forward by the party’s leadership to replace Obamacare. They said they were open to negotiation. The vote is not expected until next week.
The British Prime Minister Theresa May has presented her plans to ensure the rights of European Union citizens in Britain after it leaves the EU. Mrs. May told European leaders that any EU citizen who have been in the UK for five years will be given a new immigration status referred to as settled EU.
European leaders gathered in Brussels say they have reached an agreement on close defense operation after Britain has left. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk called it a historical step. He said member states had three months to agree on the listed criteria and commitments.
The UN General Assembly has voted to avert dispute between Britain and Mauritius over the Chagos Archipelago Island to the International Court of Justice. Mauritius argues that the British government broke international law when it retained control of the islands after Mauritius’s independence.
A new study says that safe burial practices introduced by the Red Cross during the recent Ebola outbreak in three West African countries probably saved thousands of lives. Around 29,000 people were infected with Ebola in the outbreak.
And US officials say they believe North Korea has carried out another rocket engine test on Wednesday, the first since March. US officials are concerned that the rocket engine technology is being tested to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile.

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