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Do not need to dry, as long as willing to dry

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-05-19

Do not need to dry, as long as willing to dry

Recruitment company Seattle division to recruit a logistics deputy manager. There are 10 people in the final list. According to the company's rules, they must practice for three months, and through the company's assessment, to know who is the final winner.

This three months, everyone is on time to get off work, in their own positions on the conscientious, who dare not careless, everyone thinks they will be retained by the company. Time is very fast, 3 months after the day, the company personnel manager will be 10 employees gathered in front of the company building, he announced the company's personnel decision: "The last was retained, is your in the mine." Out, suddenly fried the pot: "how will it be mine, he is slow and stupid, but also only high school education." "Yes, Lake was the original cleaners, are we not as a sweep of the street? "

Personnel manager to tell you not to speak, he pointed to the door of the company, said: "You see no, our company building location is in a voyage, where the morning blowing the southwest wind, blowing the northeast wind in the afternoon when the wind, Bring a lot of garbage, one by one to pile up at the door of the company, eyeful, full of paper, plastic bags, looks very unsightly.

"What does this have to do with our work?" Someone asked the manager. "Of course," the manager said, "you go from work every day, you will walk from the front of these rubbish, in addition to the mine, you have to turn a blind eye to the performance of the Rey is not the same, every day after work, One day, the general manager of the get off work, just met Lake in the sweep of the garbage the next day, he asked me to the man who is the garbage who is clean, so you do not complain , The final decision is under the general manager.However, the general manager let me tell you, clean up the garbage is only a little effort, why do not you want to do? In this simple thing, our common employment point of view, do not need your 'Do you need to be able to be hired?'

Personnel manager of the words, that everyone convinced.

You will become a good staff; and the intention to do things, to complete those tasks to the higher level, you will become a business needs of the outstanding staff.

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