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Do not take money as an excuse

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on :2016-04-12

Ma speech at the university, students asked Ma: "? I would love to start, but I have no money, how to do," Ma asked: "Let's say today, somebody put a gun to your head, you want to 30,000 yuan of money, If not we will certainly shoot, but your body to eat only 10 dollars. the students, you say you have three million of money? you money or your life? "

The students froze for a moment, said:. "Terrible"

Ma then asked: "Do you have this 30,000 yuan of money?"

The students said without hesitation: "It must be, to save his life bear ah!"

Ma smiled: "You do not have the money to give him money to him, then how to do it can be said, then you had a kind of desire to survive, only a desire, but your desire is not strong enough, because now?? your question is: you do not have money, but also what life ah? "

The student said: "Thinking really successful with ordinary people is not the same!"

Ma took the students to the incumbent, said: "In fact, this is one of the greatest excuse, an excuse to take money to do so many people, so the world 90% are ordinary people, you comfort yourself today said no money had to miss opportunity. but you think you save 30,000 yuan a year, for 10 years we can save $ 300,000. but you believe it? when you deposit $ 300,000 you dare not venture, and gave their own to find another excuse. entrepreneurship risk, hard to save money for 10 years is likely to fail. forget it! so you want to start a friend not to put money on the excuse. you have to ask yourself is not necessarily to be on the line as long as a certain to, you must be a way, met firmly grasp the opportunity, the opportunity is missed will not come back. great people because of their dreams, by learning to change, due to the success of action! "This time the words finished, the audience burst thunderous applause.

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