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Adaptation is another struggle

Faye 2016-04-13 16:57:02

Professor of psychology at Boston University • H • David Barlow some time living in the country farm, former farm is a forest. One day, Professor Barlow when walking in the edge of the woods found the longer the thickest bodied red cedar tree, covered with dense ants. Apparently, the ants Sequoia as a comfort zone.

Professor Barlow hate these little guys, he decided to take them away from the tree. In the trunk, professor found ants. He first tree holes with wet mud will solidly blocked. However, the next day, the professor came to see, from ants to bite a hole in another place, mud on them useless. Professor got a firmer wedge as a result, does not prevent the guys happy and out.

Later, the professor heard people say that the ants do not like glue and mothballs. Professor glue and mothballs mixed together and applied to the ant hole. This move seems to have some effect, the ants can not go through the new hole. However, a week later, professor regret to find ants on the trunk away from mothballs reopen a hole.

In the contest with the ants, Professor defeated. What makes these small animals can survive in the harsh artificial environment? Professor soon found the answer: the super ability to adapt to the environment of ants.

Back to Boston University, professor in the classroom this member experienced things tell students to listen to. He said: "In many cases, we strive to be led to believe that the struggle must be indomitable courage In the face of society and the whole of nature, we humans are extremely tiny ants to be living in a hollow tree, but also need to struggle, however. they are not misled struggle, and no strong human confrontation, but chose to adapt. know they can not change the fact that when the hole is blocked, they quickly adapted. with lions, tigers, these animals survive the precarious situation of phase than the ants seem to know how to fight another layer of meaning, that is, to adapt. "

Adaptation is actually another struggle. Save the strength in the face of difficulties to re-open battle to cope with life, will have a greater chance of winning.

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