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Doing big things, do not want to face

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-03-18

What is a face? We do big things never shameless, the nerve can be torn thrown on the ground, kick kicks, and sped away, dismissive. - Strict referral and (former president of the Pacific Group)

Only shameless people, will become a successful person. - Ren (Huawei CEO)

Adhere to in order to face the most errors did not face things. - Weiwei (economic publications editor)

Face, that is a person's face, especially Chinese people too proud, and even suggested that the face is more important than life, the saying goes, "people competing for breath, Buddha fight a stick of incense."

Face not only affects people's consumption patterns, but also affect people's social interaction, and even can decide a person's fate. In fact, the face is the first hurdle in life, the wise man will never do "Siyaomianzi living death" of the people, too much too proud, they will lose the opportunity to take myself too seriously people, it is difficult to accomplish great things.

After all, the face of the problems are in fact the problem in people's attitudes, as long as their hard work, regular business, there is nothing to worry, the ideal face in front of entrepreneurship appears to be so small, so no big deal.

As the saying goes: "Siyaomianzi a pain." If you do not want a pain, it is necessary to lay down the burden of thinking, go all out to do things, as long as you have a goal, stand firm, will be able to succeed Avenue entrepreneurship.

Business done, then gorgeous face are also false, the fact that most have a say. Thus, the entrepreneur to put aside concerns, their dignity, boldly go forward.

Spirit Come, cruel market, business is facing unprecedented challenges, how to improve their quality, the courage to face aside to dry out a career of their own, is a question every entrepreneur must seriously consider.

Action is the best witness, face down, down and more strong, brilliant in front of you.

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