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Low self-esteem is suicide

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-03-19

You give yourself a label affixed to the losers, doomed his life is a failure!

Mary thought that I'm not pretty enough, very low self-esteem, are walking head down. One day, she went to the jewelry store to buy only green bow, the owner continued to praise her to wear the pretty bow, Mary, though not the letter, but very happy, are not lifted his head, eager to let everyone see, go out and hit a little man I did not care.

Mary walked into the classroom, head ran into her teacher, "Mary, you looked up and really beautiful!" The teacher lovingly patted her shoulder and said.

That day, she got many compliments. She decided that I must bow credit can be a photo in front of the mirror, his head did not bow, it must be at a jewelry store lost touch with the people.

Nevertheless, Mary knows that she no longer need after the bow.

This is a true story, a little girl named Mary who is now HBO has been the host of the famous. In fact, you by my side, there are many similar things. We have a lot of low self-esteem of people around, but they may not be so lucky, Mary, still suffering from low self-esteem in torture.

Low self-esteem are often encountered some difficulties, so they feel useless, they can actually shone at a critical moment, they can change their lives, but also affect others.

Of course, if you are an extreme inferiority stubborn person, you always think you have this kind of shortage, I tell you, your life will be a tragedy, instead of being tortured in the tragedy, not as now put himself buried . In other words, I think you're doing before following training, you can be assured you will be able to successfully break through this difficult period inferiority.

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