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Camel's dialogue

  • Author:Hopely Li
  • Release on:2016-03-23

At the small zoo camel ask: "Mother Mother, why do our eyelashes so long?" Camel mother said: "When the wind came, then the long eyelashes will enable us to be able to see the direction of the storm." small camel asked: "Mother Mother, why do our camels are back then, the die ugly!" camel mother, said: "This is called hump, you can help us store a lot of water and nutrients, so that we can tolerate more than a dozen in the desert day of potable water without conditions.

 "small camel asked:" Mother Mother, why do we so thick the soles of the feet? "camel mother said:" That will enable

us to many of the body is not stuck in soft sand, to facilitate long-distance ah journey. "small camel pleased bad:" Wow,

so useful that we ah!! But mother, why we are still in zoos,

do not desert hiking?

My talents to be useful, but now no one used. A good attitude + a successful teaching + an infinite stage = success.

Each potential is unlimited, the key is to find a stage for their full potential, we really need to learn something from this short story. Can you learn something from it? Please take action now.