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Terror attack in Brussel

  • Author:Hopely Li
  • Release on:2016-03-23
A massive manhunt is underway in Brussels after a series of bombings struck the Zaventem airport
and a metro train on Tuesday. So far about 35 people have been killed. Belgian police are hunting
for a suspect caught on airport closed-circuit cameras, walking beside two other suspects.

A massive manhunt is underway-as Belgian police hunt for this man. He was caught on an airport
closed circuit security camera this morning, walking beside two other suspects. Moments later
two bombs exploded. The third failed to detonate. There were scenes of chaos as passengers
fled in panic through dust and debris. Witnesses say it was like a "scene from a war."

An hour later-another explosion ripped through a metro train in the center of Brussels.
The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for the attacks. Europe has been bracing
itself for an attack like this for weeks.

In the coming days there will be questions-mainly, how did security officials fail to prevent
this attack?

The attacks come just days after the only surviving fugitive from the Paris massacres -
Salah Abdeslam - was arrested here in Brussels. He reportedly told investigators over
the weekend that he was planning fresh attacks and authorities here now fear they may be
yet more to come.