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Donald J. Trump's first president candidate who made the money during presidential campaign

  • Author:Max
  • Release on:2016-06-28


Donald J. Trump has regularly that he is showing self-finance funding his presidential candidacy, but new campaign filings that he in the process shifted a lot of money back.

According to documents to the Federal Election Commission, Mr. Trump, presented his campaign only $ 1.3 million cash on hand, paid at least $ 1.1 million on its operations and family members in May with events and travel expenses associated costs. The sum corresponds to almost one-fifth of the $ 6,000,000 that issued his campaign in the month.

Spending raised eyebrows under campaign finance experts and some of Mr. Trump critics who whether the Republican candidate in question, which refers to his company Sense, as a case for his candidacy, trying to do what he has suggested he would in 2000, when he mulled an independent run: "It is very possible, I the first presidential candidate to run and money deserve to be. "

"He could turn to the end Profit if he repaid the loan campaign ", Paul S. Ryan said, a Campaign finance expert with the Campaign Legal Center. "He could be getting everything Money back plus the profit margin for what his campaign has paid itself Goods and services."

While most candidates list Array of suppliers of goods and services on their F.E.C. Providing filings, Mr. Trump is packed with payments to its various clubs and building its fleet Aircraft and his family. The self-proclaimed billionaire is required by law, Account for its expenditure in this way prevent its companies make illegal Corporate donations to his campaign. In 2015, approximately $ 2.7 million was paid to at least seven companies Mr. Trump owns or for people who work on its premises and branding empire, repayment asked them for contributions to his campaign.

In May, the largest ticket was Article was Mr. Trump use of the Mar-a-Lago Club's Florida resort that was paid $ 423,000. The campaign paid $ 350,000 Air for his private planes for TAG, $ 125,000 to Trump restaurants and more than $ 170,000 Trump Tower, the Manhattan skyscraper that housed the campaign headquarters.

Mr. Trump family also benefited from the campaign last month with his son Eric Virginia Wine taking business in approximately $ 1,300.

And Mr. Trump, who said, he will not take a salary if he is elected president, $ 3,085 paid in Can. The payouts are the travel costs associated, after Submissions.

Mr. Ryan said that the extent which was using Mr. Trump his own businesses for its course unprecedented and that because of its unique financial circumstances he was wading in an area that over the F.E.C. Guide went.

"We have no clear Answers, "Ryan said." In the past, candidates would separate itself of their business interests, if for office. Trump has done that promoting opposite of his business and at the same office. "

While candidates often win Awareness of the Office of the President, they will enrich themselves barred from directly from their campaigns. If a campaign buys copies of a candidate Booking in bulk and distributes it, for example, the candidate can not accept Royalties from purchases. However, Mr Ryan is that F.E.C. does allow candidates commercial property they possess of themselves at fair rent Market rates, as Mr. Trump has done regularly. Mr. Trump use of its trademarks Water and steaks falls into something of a gray area.

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, a Election law expert at New York University Brennan Center for Justice, said that Mr. Trump did not appear to violate campaign finance laws, but that he could have more control over the use of his companies for campaign Purpose now that he is more explicitly asking supporters to donate money for Campaign.

"It's something holding to a Eye, because once you start with campaign money that has come from Donors, not only the money he borrowed, and he uses them for something that he will hold personally, or to keep his family personally, that's what crosses the line. "

Whether Mr. Trump could end up benefits from its campaign remains a subject of speculation; have some When asked if he ask for more than $ 40 million eventually, what he has lent his campaign to be repaid. The possible impact of the campaign on Mr. Trump personal brand, he said, represents a large portion of his Wealth, also remains unclear.

tries Democrats on Tuesday confiscate the payments Mr. Trump on his business as evidence Hypocrisy. Commen on the liberal website Daily Kos mocked Mr. Trump for a "scampaign" running and the personal investment he made in overstating his campaign to funnel through the money back to his kingdom.

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic candidate and main rival of Mr. Trump also stacked this fall on, on Tuesday on Twitter at him over the expenditures to jab and his relatively meager donations in one fell swoop. "What's Trump spends his lean campaign resources on? "She said." Why, even, of course. "



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