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The big bang theory season 10 unltimate scenario prediction

  • Author:Max
  • Release on:2016-06-28

The Big Bang Theory ended its ninth season with a cliffhanger finale, and now it's time to look ahead to Season 10. Though audiences have already begun learning some details about what to expect when the CBS sitcom returns, we also have our own guesses as to what may happen next season (which could be the long-running show's final season). Below, check out some of our The Big Bang Theory predictions for Season 10.

1.Leonard and Penny will finally have a formal wedding

Season 9 ended with the couple agreeing to have a more formal wedding ceremony in order to appease Leonard's mother Beverly (Christine Baranski). But the finale only got as far as the rehearsal dinner, with Sheldon's mom, Mary (Laurie Metcalf) and Leonard's never-before-seen father, Alfred (Judd Hirsch) hitting it off and (presumably) spending the night together.

Whether or not the duo's possible coupling will derail the festivities remains to be seen, but we're guessing that Leonard and Penny will go through with their plans. Why? Again, we're just speculating here, but fans have been waiting for that moment for nine seasons and the Season 10 premiere seems like as good time as any to make it happen. Plus, wouldn't it make a great parallel to have both Seasons 9 and 10 start with the same couple getting married?

2.We'll meet at least one important family member

In addition to introducing Leonard's dad, Season 9 also brought Sheldon's Meemaw (June Squibb) to the show. Chances are good that audiences will get to meet at least one more of the group's previously unseen family members in Season 10. So who could it be? Our money is on either Penny's mom or Howard's dad.

Viewers have been eagerly waiting to meet both characters for years now — and the latter in particular, as Howard has often talked about what it was like to not have his dad around growing up. Despite that, Steven Molaro recently told The Hollywood Reporter that "Howard's father has not been at the top of that list of guest stars," although he also acknowledged that the possibility "is always floating around." Still, Season 10 seems like an opportune time to introduce the long-awaited character, as Howard and Bernadette are about to welcome his grandchild.

3.Howard will have a meltdown about his pending fatherhood

We've already seen Howard endure a couple moments of panic over the prospect of becoming a dad. Still, audiences can likely expect to see plenty more of that anxiety surface as the pregnancy progresses further next season. After all, this is Howard we're talking about here — he's used to being the one that gets cared for, not the caretaker.

Fans can also expect to see Bernadette with an actual baby bump next season, as opposed to the barely there belly she sported in Season 9. "It's there. I think she's carrying the baby quite well so far, " Molaro told Glamour of the nonexistent bump. "Pretty soon, as we get into season 10, we'll start to see it more."

4.The guys will run into problems with the guidance system

In Season 9, Howard, Sheldon, and Leonard patented an idea for a guidance system that the Air Force later contacted them about. Though the idea has the potential to make all of them hugely successful in their careers, Howard was initially suspicious of the Air Force's interest and paranoid that the invention would be taken away from him.

Molaro has already confirmed that audiences will see more of the guidance system storyline in Season 10, and it seems to safe to say that the invention process won't be easy. For one thing, the guys tend to eventually bump heads anytime they team up to create something (remember the time they tried to make an app?). Plus, we have yet to learn exactly what role the Air Force will play in the invention, but we have a feeling their involvement won't happen smoothly.



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