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Effort is the attitude of life

Faye 2016-03-02 17:00:22

Man intelligence Gaobu Gao does not matter, it does not matter EQ Gaobu Gao, but the pattern of life must be large, plainly, you can not smart, you can not understand the communication, but must be the atmosphere.

If a little bit of frustration let you down, if you can not let bad things about twelve relieved, if every turn people hate, hate people, that pattern is too small. How life atmosphere, how it will be successful. Because the mind, is the mark of success. Remember a word: the more work, the more luck.

Target people on the run, no target man in the street, because they do not know where to go! Targeted people on Thanksgiving, no target people complaining, because I think the world owes him! Targeted people can not sleep , no objective person waking up, because they do not know why it went! life only come out wonderful, no waiting out brilliant!

If you feel at this time it is very hard, telling myself that: easy to walk all downhill! Hold on, because you're walking uphill, walking past, you will certainly be progress.

If you are not complain about the fate of attention, then please remember: life is a loser excuse; transport, is successful modest words.
Effort is the attitude of life!

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