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Fear of the future, do not regret the past

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-02-19

Before the arrival of the future, fear useless; the past is gone, what with remorse. Focus on the moment, fear the future as much as possible, do not regret the past, do not let fear doubled, remorse worse. Grasp now, in fact, in the past to do compensation, laying the groundwork for the future.

Fear of the future, do not regret the past, does not mean ignoring the future, negative past. Although the future is full of unknown, but to a certain extent can be controlled, in order to control the future we must first grasp the present, although in the past have been unable to recover, but there is no past experience would not have their own now, and that they deny the past equal in the past lived in vain. This is what I have seen in an inspirational article sentence was right, but it is hard, it needs to have sufficient determination may be done.

There is a documentary telling, a small antelope had followed a large group of similar migration, but a few ferocious lion has followed them, have died in several antelope head under that a few of the lion's claws and teeth. When fewer side antelope, gazelle increasingly fear the slightest sign of trouble scared to run like hell. Finally, it is dispersed and companions, as well as being a lion eyeing it. I thought duikers have been scared silly, and even escape have given up, but did not think it was ready stepped forward to kill lions that moment run up at an alarming rate, even the lions catch up with it, and finally it successfully saved their lives.

Saw a small antelope desperately to escape picture, I thought of his own, who is so easy to fall into fear them, because afraid to take action to repeat the same thing again and again, so that I regret. But the little antelope let me understand how the past and the future is now far less important now to do things done, you can worry less about the future of some.

Not for the future, we do not regret the past, cherish every second. Now every action you are likely to change in the future, to make up for the past. So do not let yourself be free in the future or into the past, staring now, it is the most important thing.

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