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High Education Students Chase For Steady

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2017-09-19
Nowadays, more and more college students choose further study after they graduate, some choose to be a postgraduate while some choose to study abroad. With higher education, it is believed that they must have more chances to start great business, but the fact is not.

According to the report, the students with high education are less likely to start business, but choose to work for the government departments. So every year, thousands of people take part in the national exams, competing for a few positions. Most positions require only bachelor degrees, for the high education students, it seems to waste their talent.

The advanced educated students make their choice for some reasons. On the one hand, they spend more years to study, so when they go to work, it is time for them to get married and support the family. But running business needs a long time to get return. On the other hand, running business also has great risk. Once they fail, they have to restart again.

Taking the age and risk into consideration, the best choice for them is to work for the job that is permanent and security.

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