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learn from mistakes

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-09-19

If the world has a regret medicine, then I was the first to buy. Today just made self-test results, the results are not ideal.

Although the results can not explain everything, but it also fully exposed my learning some of the shortcomings, not serious, not careful, proud and complacent. These shortcomings are like small stones on the road, far from invisible, but when you go up, but let you throw a big somersault, I often in these "stone" on the trip, suffer.

As the saying goes: "eat a cut, a long wisdom" "where to fall where to get up." This fall, straight off my eyes to catch Venus, but get up all of a sudden wake up. I want to make good use of get off work time, more reading, more practice pen, serious review of homework, enrich the use of rest time, and strive to make up for the next time the lack of self.

I believe that I will be able to clean up these "little stones".

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