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High-density polyurethane moisture pad kitchen

  • Author:Finehope
  • Source:Finehope
  • Release on:2015-11-17

We all know that green mold and white mold only grow under extremely wet, dirty environments. If the product is made of water-absorbent material mats in the kitchen work, often vegetables and water, fish meat bloody water splashing to the ground surface and the bottom of the pad, which may foot stepped on, so that the interior floor mats extruded foam structure vacuum, reducing inhalation of sewage, so make mats mold breeding. 

Because green mold and white mold breeding is very humid environment, so we design floor mats and consumer choice selection difficult absorbent material mats product is particularly important. 

So visible, critical control mold is to control moisture. You can take the following measures to prevent moisture, high humidity and moisture condensation: 

Smooth surface with water and detergent to clean all mildew, including mats and the bottom surface of the product.  Damaged mats and the surrounding water supplies should be clean and dry within 24 hours. Otherwise, you have to consider these materials discarded.  If the polyurethane foam mat material absorbs water, it is leading to the growth of mold penetration sewage is contaminated, it has to be discarded. Because the mat material absorbs water and lead to discard, which is equal to shortening the life of the product. If the floor mat material does not absorb water, easy to clean, which is equal to prolong the service life. Finehope companyIt is to launch one of its own research and development of waterproof, moisture-proofSince the crust matsIt is the choice of high-density polyurethane skin from a skin foam material,Absorbent polyurethane material is hard! This material matsThe vast mats sourcing company introduced to the market more than the same industry competitive products.