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The advantage of PU Materials building products

Hopely Li Finehope 2015-11-17 14:39:49

Traditional wooden material has been replaced by wood PU foam, PU building materials industry is particularly evident

PU foam wood products, is called a "wood" because its surface looks no different with wooden materials, also has a wood grain effect. The cost price and production process are easier accept by people than wood, plaster. It is the use of polyurethane synthetic materials, heating the foam formed by molding. Many building materials, decoration in common market ...... many of them are PU foam wood products.

China Xiamen Finehope company, is a manufacturer of top manufacturers molded polyurethane products, was established in 2002. Products are mainly exported to European and US markets. Currently supply to US customers are PU foam wood products Roman column, railing, bathtub plate, frame, frame, decoration arc line and so on ...... Roman column, railing products could be shipped more than 10 containers a month on average .

 PU building materials, decoration products Applications

All indoor and outdoor spaces of residential housing, European-style villas, hotels, American Salon, nightclub, clubs, dance halls, bars, temples, apparel companies, office space, conference hall, exhibition center.

Embodied as a line board line, arc line, decorative wall panels, decorative flower, door lintel line, tracery, frame, lamp, ceiling, trunk, corbels, fireplaces, flower boxes, flat column, Roman, background walls and other products.

PU rigid foam wood product advantages:

1. Gypsum fragile, and will produce fine fibers and dust, damage to the respiratory system. PU building materials is a polymer material and mold temperature molding, high strength, not easily damaged; and would not produce any fine dust fiber, harmless;

2. plaster and wood are afraid of water, tide, rainy weather, wet , there will be mildew and deformation in these situations. But PU material without these problems, PU buoy can be completely immersed in water, is not affected;

3. The wood and gypsum are heavy.It will be spend more cost in logistics, installation, maintenance and other relatively cumbersome. PU material has a advantage of light weight, PU volume products with only 1/40 of plaster.

4. A lot of wood is cut will seriously damage the ecological environment of the forest, gypsum construction prone to dust has caused a certain degree of pollution of the environment. PU use of polymer materials, non-toxic and harmless to the environment, the implementation of environmental protection, low carbon and healthy living in the new century. PU materials instead of wood and plaster has become an inevitable trend;

5. PU decorative material has been used in the United States and Europe for over ten years, it is already very mature. In China to promote a shorter time, the future trend must be its superior performance and environmental protection, into the mainstream of decorative materials.

PU foam wood Features:

1. Construction of low cost: The surface can be coated, the products can be planed, sawed, nailed, glued, than wood, plaster and cement products, save 80% shorter construction period.

2. Light weight: the design, embossed with a clever, lightweight hardness, elasticity, toughness, easy installation and removal, and convenient.

3. Integrated molding: the overall planning and design, molded integrally molding process beyond the plaster, wood. After spraying the surface with a simple elegance, art treasures.

4. Waterproof: does not absorb moisture, impermeable, can be washed by water, regardless of the weather change and bending deformation, no loss, no cracking, high durability.

5. corrosion resistance: acid, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, easy to fade, rodent ant, is the most perfect architectural finishes continental material.

6. Fire resistance: Polyurethane foam products have passed the National Fire Center tested to meet the B2 level, fully meet not spontaneous, not the characteristics of combustion from the fire.

7. Environmental protection: the use of fiber compound materials, both mildew resistance, insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation properties.

8. wood Effect: beautifully designed, unique style, with wood effect, the function is more than wood, is the new darling in recent years, interior decoration materials.