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How can the boss not be without you

Faye 2017-05-16 12:02:41

Want to be invincible in the workplace, it is necessary to make themselves an indispensable part, so that the boss can not do without you. But what can we do to establish an irreplaceable value for yourself?

1. To solve the trouble: the more difficult, the more complex, the more trouble the work no one to do, but this is your opportunity to show, but also you a good time to prove their worth.

2. Have bilingual ability: more than one language ability, when needed, can be used in an emergency.

3. Let the customer fall in love with you: If your customers value you, your boss will naturally value you.

4. Familiar with the latest technology: Now any work can not be divorced from technology, you must be familiar with the latest technology development, the latest products and applications, know how to make good use of technology products and technology to improve the workflow and efficiency, Absolute is extra points.

5. Eliminate the problem: In addition to know the latest technology development, once these technologies or product problems, if you have the ability to solve, even more prominent their irreplaceable.

6. Proficiency in writing and speaking skills: no matter what kind of work you do, you need a lot of writing (such as writing a report or plan) and the opportunity to speak or brief, practice these two abilities, because this is the performance of their own The most direct method.

7. Let others be assured: Speaking of doing, on time to attend the meeting and complete the work, so that the boss can be assured that the work to you, do not worry you will mess up.

8. Do not be a good person: become an indispensable talent for the boss, does not mean you have to accept all year after the boss assigned all the work down. Everything still have a reasonable line, if too unreasonable, you should have to respond to the boss.

9. to maintain a positive thinking: no one likes and love to complain, love complaining people work together to adjust their mentality, to maintain a positive thinking and attitude, or will only ruin their own development opportunities.

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