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I dominate my stage

Faye 2016-02-22 17:13:36

We can not determine the beginning of life, but we can enrich the life process. We can decadent, can also work hard; you can be sad, it can be fun. Life is constantly looking for a reason to move forward in the process.

Life is a living process. To live is to prove that you have good living living law. There are always some people can be when alive desperately to possess, if they will never die. There are some people looking back at the time of his death, and if they had never lived.

Life is a journey toward a goal. The length of the journey from the target set at the beginning of the meter, timing, no goal can only be counted wandering journey likened duckweed or water.

Life is a process of love and be loved. Loved, loved to be a complete life. Love administered will reap love, get love but also to redouble love. Love and be loved, reinforce each other.

Life is a process of the ongoing relationship with the outside world. The relationship between people and things is not important, nor is the relationship between man and man, but my relationship with my. Own your own heart and harmony, is the basis for happiness.

In fact, life is not complicated, the solution will look open, open look that is enlightenment. French thinker Alain said: "to live his life the joy and happiness of life is the greatest responsibility." To this the greatest responsibility, we can not force life, but we can change ourselves. San Mao also said: "In my life, I was the protagonist."

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