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Is money to be saved or spent? That's a question!

  • Author:Corina Zhang
  • Release on:2016-12-28

Win a lottery? Had a great hand at the casino? Did fortune shine upon you in the stock market?

After almost an entire year of celibacy from shopping and vacationing, you find the numbers reflected by your bank account meet your heart's desire.
Now the most important question comes, what to do with the earnings? Should you fulfill dreams of the present, invest in preserving the future or perhaps keep saving it for a rainy day?
Our elders always strive to teach us the value of money and its frailty. One may be on a winning streak now, but it will not always be so.
One will have days when there will be no sunshine but only rain, and their luck will hide behind those thick grey clouds.
Save for those rainy days, they say. Do not spend too much, live within a budget, refrain from credit no matter how small and save for the future.
Since the very first time we earn our own money from a summer job or earning our first salary and filing taxes for the first time, the lessons start.
In fact, the pocket money that we receive when we are children initiates the process of learning how to best manage one's money.

Future, future, future, that's all they talk about, but what about the present? What about our current desires, wants and needs?
Wasn't our present once our future? Didn't we dream about this tomorrow, which has now become our today?
One day when I have enough money, I will buy myself a car. One day my luck will shine. One day I will have enough money to travel the world.
Then, once we do earn enough money from living like misers and refraining from outings, tomorrow's plans start shadowing our present ones.
However, is it wise to keep living for that future? Will we still enjoy or even be able to backpack in our 50s?
Will we not have more responsibilities, less energy, a family and aging parents to take care of that causes less flexibility and less time to ensure you don't leave this earth with many regrets?
What will be the use of those professional cameras when arthritis takes over our joints and our mind grows dull?
Will our liver be able to cope with the meat and alcohol in our advanced age? What if our life ends abruptly?
How will we ever enjoy our present if we are constantly living for the future?
A good question, isn't it? Should one live in the present or keep saving for the future?
I say travel but don't let yourself run dry, indulge in the luxuries but also keep enough for your necessities, and enjoy your present but with a plan for the foreseeable future.
Beyond that, life is not in our control and we shouldn't fret about the unseen. Life is for the living, so live it sensibly.

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