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New method of white-collar decompression tea to add sugar

  • Author:Hannah Gao
  • Release on:2016-12-27

Have a spoonful of sugar in your tea: It helps stress sip away.
In our health conscious times they are often regarded as the pariahs of the office tea round.
But for those facing colleagues’ disapproval as they shovel the sugar into their tea, there’s a new excuse: ‘I’m just trying to ease the stress of the working day.’
Psychologists have found that sweetened drinks make people less aggressive and argumentative.
It is thought that the sugar rush provides the brain with the energy it needs to keep impulses under control, stopping us from lashing out when under pressure.
‘When provocation is likely, for example, when encountering a difficult supervisor at a work meeting, drinking a sweetened beverage prior to this encounter might increase one’s ability to effectively inhibit aggressive impulses,’ said the researchers.
‘Consuming a sweetened beverage on the commute home following a stressful day could reduce aggression toward family members or fellow drivers.’
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