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Joy of life is the endless pursuit

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-05-21

★ inspirational world - because of fear of failure and not a go, will never succeed. ★

Some people say that living water, why should a bumpy waves, finally, himself a splash of water, nothing exciting is true. But I actually do not think so, although life is a glass of water and tasteless, but if we add some "flavor" of it! If you work hard, sweat, it will certainly gain a cup of sweet water. But if you are lazy and greedy, and soon the disease will never leave the body in your body, you will naturally get a cup of bitter.

Perhaps we put down those unnecessary dispute, paranoia, and my heart will be much relieved. Looking at the sky, overlooking the sea, the breeze gently stroking the cheek, is this not enjoy it?

Is less and less time, more and more wrinkles, less and less money, and finally became a wealthy man, but was sick all day, go to the hospital every day to see a doctor. ) More and more of age.

Age does creep up, money is worldly possessions, although money can buy everything, but can not buy the family, the family is priceless, not indifferent to the dispute, and hurt feelings.

The most difficult adjustment is the mentality, life does not depend on the mood live, but by the people's mentality. Life is like a long trip, we need a long-term journey. In this journey, there may be a thunderstorm weather, there are sun and rain ...... only keep a good attitude in the face of difficulties will be calm in the face of everything.

Mentality is healthy holder, positive attitude of the people will not get sick easily.

Life, in fact, very simple, keep a good attitude, do the easiest truly yourself, spend more time with his family now!

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