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Frustration is the beginning of another life

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-05-20

★ inspirational world - courage does not mean that fear does not exist, but dare to face the fear, to overcome fear. ★

When setbacks or failure, you are seeing the opportunity to see or fail?

Frustration is the only way for each of us to grow, it is not what you want to have there, I do not think you do not. There is a saying that good, if you want to get rid of a lifetime of suffering, you have to be a god or a corpse. This sentence illustrates the image is accompanied by setbacks in life, is no one can not escape.

Living life, since ancient times, regardless of the emperor civilians, although there are different opportunities, but the total can not help but have encountered difficulties in distress or place, this time only adapt ourselves to circumstances, to make people pull through, or even win the game.

Most people, life among the most painful experience to lose a loved one, followed by losing a job. In fact, the tried and tested people will not even be expelled panic, we must learn to face.

"Blessing in disguise, blessing in disguise." The road of life, not every step towards success, which is the pursuit of meaning. We also recognize that, as an emotional state of frustration and a personal experience, everyone's tolerance is very different, and some people experienced a second setback, will be able to perseverance, indomitable; some people a little setbacks will be demoralized, depressed. So, frustration is a subjective feeling, because of the different purposes and needs of people, the success criteria are different, so the same activities for different people may be different than the feelings of frustration.

We begin to look at everything just normal, good or bad times do not get too attached to life. Can be "broken ego" is a very high-level realm of life.

Personnel difficult is a test. As a sword sharpener have to grind, the sword will benefit: to have a piece of rough diamonds rough stone to grind, will sparkle. We can do it, but how to reduce and avoid those setbacks caused due to their own reasons, but in the face of pain and frustration, which seeks to resolve the pain, fight for happiness. We have to understand the pain and frustration is twofold in nature, it is both our life can not be completely avoided, but also a driving force when we succeed, indispensable. Because I think, promote the strength of our struggle, not just the desire to succeed, and the struggle to get rid of the pain and frustration carried out.

A successful man in the pursuit of success, will inevitably suffer disorders, in fact, as long as a clear understanding of the fact that, for the previous neglect, rejection, ridicule are deemed necessary, the so-called: "The more difficult, the more able to demonstrate the glory."

Sometimes setbacks like waves Tao heaven, the slightest mistake we will be left to the wall, smashed to pieces.

When you encounter setbacks, we must have firm confidence, stick to it, do not give up! Because, between your success or failure may be an idea.

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