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The first try

  • Author:Hopely Li
  • Release on:2016-05-18


Every girl dreams and Li Xie is no exception. She has read dozens of books on how to be a ballerina and Swam. Lake is her favorite. She hopes one day her dream will come true. She has taken ballet lessons and all her teachers confirm she is a good student.

One day she saw an advertisement that a famous ballerina troupe will be performing in her hometown. Her thoughts ran wild, "I must meet up with the leader of the troupe and show him my skills, " she murmured to herself. 

She dressed herself in her ballerina costume and managed to evade the guards and hid in the dressing room. To her luck the leader entered and she timidly knocked at the door.

She bravely approached him and handed him a bunch of red roses and in her excitement the thorns pricked her hand but she did not make much ado about the pain.

The leader observed her action as she told him her dream. "Alright, you dance and I will give you my verdict."But half way through the dance he stopped her and said, "I'm sorry you're not good enough!"

On hearing this Li Xie ran as fast as her legs could carry her and was ashamed. She gave up her dream. Many years later, she heard that the same ballet troupe was performing in her town again. Bitter memories of the leader's harsh words came flooding back to her. This time she was determined to find out Why the leader had told her she was not good enough when all her teachers thought otherwise.

This was his reply, "I tell this to every student." She angrily shot back, "You've ruined my life!一 Then she got a further shock, " "I remember your gift of roses and how the thorns had pricked your fingers but you carried on bravery.

If you only had treated ballet like that and did not give up so easily; therefore, you still deserve my verdict! "


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