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Just forgot to change

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-04-27

Are you afraid of the pace of life is not in your grasp, because you do not believe that they will deal with the sudden appearance of a variety of situations. When life is not planned, you begin to anxiety, anxiety, even irritability.

Not because you are afraid, you are anxious, some things would not have happened. When you start to learn physics, you will be told all the objects are in motion, there is no absolute rest. You begin to tell yourself everything will change, including everything, so you have to grow accustomed to the change, and make this change to bring their own minimal impact.

Everything just do not come so let it go and when you find that you think has been the love of your people ready to turn. You still can not accept, do you think became dazzling sunshine, you think blue sky becomes unfathomable, all the good appearance became hideous. Whether or not you accept that all ferocious and unpredictable, life still has to continue. Time or to blatantly go past.

All changes are accepted, you will be upset, even crying. Because you do not enjoy all the accidents of life, you thought some small sudden changes will destroy you.

So then, you also need to change? Although not absolutely still, but inside relativity speaking, there are relatively stationary. So when you change your own attitude and way of life, maybe it will happen relatively stationary.

But you will pour intended to immerse themselves in this changing. Make their pain, discomfort, before those days used to compare the joy and happiness. But, like the time to open such a joke, and it was not prepared to withdraw such a joke. So why not play with together with time. You only need to change a little bit, you can remain relatively stationary.

You might say that those days, man, those things, you really can not forget. But why forget. You can not appreciate those relatively still days give you peace of mind and how at ease too. You have to be grateful for, and now those unhappy bundled together.

He turned up. Those with him in the day, you really can not forget, even at night. In the day you reflect on the reasons, you all live in the memory.

But you forgot the time still to run, will not come back to take pity on you and wait for this to forget themselves. You think you're such a memory of the past, but in the expression that you are really loved him, but he has left, and very far away.

Then you have to stand still it? Try to change yourself. To live their life to another taste. Maybe you'll find another surprise. Perhaps you will find that life changes after the original did not you think so bad. Sun also so bright, the sky may be blue to deep and quiet. As long as you are willing to accept such changes. And to change ourselves.

Life suddenly changed, really not so terrible. Terrible life has changed, you still do not want to change themselves.

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