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Life walking Satoru

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-04-27

I had this thought: When I am old, physical decline, I will take all the savings, with a loved one to live in a beautiful Swiss lakeside spas, treatments and massages comfortable doing daily baths, hot springs , eat delicious dishes. Late summer morning stroll in the forest, snowy night long, warm fireside to sit, quietly looking out at the snow. In life, the last touch of the evening, watching the best lake, twilight and sunset.

All those who broke our hearts parting, but also the pain of a life last parting. To this day, the former those parting and what kind? Some leave is to enable us to better come to the end of life.

Person's life, how many times to go through parting, to get used to the people around him come and go, in order to understand not always together, but also to bearish things change?

All of parting with love or hate, but also a painful split second. If you can not smile goodbye, bowing to leave, then, is not able to turn around in silence, choked tears, bowed to leave? Why did you originally fell in love with it? One day, you will be facing the pain of the past smile. You'll thank you to leave the man, he is not worthy of your love, your good, your infatuation. After all, he is not your destiny of man.

In this life, be able to spend is desirable, to be together, just because they do not fit. Some of your loved one really just passing through life, he appears in your life is to make you learn to cherish and pay, so you finally know what this life you want. Then fall, in exchange for a future upgrade.

All heads not to love after all is an experience. At that moment, your heart is broken, defeated, but only got up, wiped away tears go forward. There is such a person, or a few, very tough love, just because he was the first to leave, he was the first to tell you that he does not love you, but you have no chance to go back to him saying this. In this case, it is a disadvantage when their own good.

We accept many things in life, if not all, after all, will disappear, leaving it not also a kind of fade away? Rebuilds damaged, the new will replace the old, will replace the laughter tears ...... until one day, all of a sudden end no laughter, and no tears.

When you're some old or very old than it is now, I think that once you leave people think goes on in the memory module already burnt the face, you'll thank his departure, he is leaving to you make a happy space.

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