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Just you believe, there is always a miracle

  • Author:Finehope
  • Source:Finehope
  • Release on:2015-11-17

Draw a green leaf for life, just you believe, there is always a miracle. Hope is uncertain, but it exists forever. There is a story from the novel "The Last Leaf" of American writer O. Henry: In autumn, a dying patient see a tree through windows from the sickroom, leaves fall of from the tree. Seeing the dropped leaves, the patient gets worse and worse day by day. She said:” I will die when leaves all gone.” After known by an old painter, who draws a green leave by corloring pen, and then hangs it on the tree.

Last leaf never did fall. Just because of this piece of green leave, the patient miraculously survived.

Tips: You can have not a lot of things in life, but just can not live without hope. Hope plays an important value role in human life. There is hopes,life is endless.

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