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China polyurethane puring PPDI elastomer rollers

  • Author:Finehope
  • Source:Finehope
  • Release on :2015-11-17

PU polyurethane material is widly used, can substitute rubber, plastics, nylon and other.It is widely used in airport luggage wheels, PU bar of hotel building materials, sun visors and seat cushions of automotive industry, apartment villas Roman products, dashboard seat of Garden machinery car and so on.

PU elastomer products can be divided into seven categories: (1) wear-resistant, self-lubricating PU elastomer category; (2) ultra-high rebound PU elastomer category; (3) high shock absorption PU elastomer category; (4 ) slow rebound, absorbing PU elastomer category; (5) high temperature 130 degrees -150 degrees, burning smoke PU elastomer category; (6) high hardness 96D ± 2D PU elastomer category; (7) special antistatic PU elastomer category.

PU elastomer process is also moulding forming. Common elastomeric wheels are barrow or Luggage casters, bearings package rubber tire, rubber roller bag, etc. These wheels usually have blasted aluminum parts, the main function is to enhance the firmness of the product. PPDI wheel which is used in exercise bike, product performance can pass 1.5 million times the life test.

China Xiamen FINEHOPE company’s fitness car PPDI wheel,its density is 1100kg / m3, hardness is Shore D50 ± 5 degrees.Bacause of factors of the product material properties, after products curing and machining, they still need to use oven for baking 24 to 48 hours, and need to natural vulcanized 15 days at the room termperature after vulcanization.