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Talents comes from diligence

Finehope Finehope 2015-11-17 14:53:45

God rewards diligent person, no one can succeed only rely on talent. God gives talent, but hard work turns talent into genius.

Guofan Zeng is one of the most influential person in Chinese history, however, his talent was poor during childhood. One day at home, he read an article again and again, because he did not learn it by heart.

At that time, there was a thief who hided under the roof, and the thief was eager to steal good something after the reader slept. But wait really a long time, the reader was still reading the same article. The thief was angry so much and jumped our to say “How to do study with this level?”.

Thieves are very smart, at least smarter than Mr.Zeng, but he can be a thief only, however, Mr.Zeng was admired by Chairman - Zedong Mao:. "Modern Big husband source most people."

"Diligence can fill the dull is a good model, one pains one abilities." Thief is not only nice memory, the article can be heard after several times, but also very courageous, See other people did not go to sleep and can come out "furious", he is not only lesson Mr.zeng, but also recite the article, and then run away. But it’s a pity that he was unknown. Mr.Zeng later enabled a large number of people, supposedly the thief met with Mr.Zeng, he can go and show his talent, but unfortunately, his talent did not add his diligence, it becomes disappeared.

Tips: The great success and hard work is directly proportional, one hard work for one obtain, from less to more, a miracle can be created.