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Laughter on the end of life

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-01-18

If people have been divided, can be divided into two kinds: one born to luck; a person to unlucky. Taiwan disabled painter Xie Kunshan belongs to the latter, it seems born and good luck missed, and together with mildew halo, unlucky again and again, but also bad luck was a mess, it became a "bad luck home."

As a poor family, no money for him to study, so Xie Kunshan early dropped out of school. However, life poverty makes him precocious, very young to understand the hardships and hardships. Thus from the age of 12, he went to work on the site, with his immature shoulder to support the home. However, God will not favor this sensible, the total disaster will come again and again to his head. At the age of 16, he accidentally touched high voltage, lost his arms and a leg; 23 years old, an accident, and he lost an eye. Subsequently, the beloved girlfriend also quietly away from him ... ...

The face of life's subsequent attack, Xie Kunshan does not complain, nor so sink. But in order not to drag the poor, but also in order not to collapse the poor, he decided to wander. With a disability on the road, alone, and launched a game. In the wandering days, Xie Kunshan while busy working, earn money while busy public welfare, social assistance. Later, he gradually fell in love with the painting, he wanted to re-color to their gray life.

At first, Xie Kunshan ignorant of the painting, he went to art school audition, learning painting. No hand, he painted his mouth, first with the teeth biting brush, and then tongue agitation, mouth often bleeding. Little leg, he "rooster independent" painting, usually a station is a few hours. He loves to paint in the wind and rain, to capture the dark clouds, the wind blowing ... ... However, in his life the most difficult time, a name is also really beautiful, regardless of the strong opposition, still into his life .

With a fulcrum, from Xie Kunshan more diligent painting, exhibitions held everywhere, works also continue to win in the painting contest. Painstakingly, days live up to. Later, he finally won the life of the mess. He not only won, and has a happy home; and won, become a famous painter; also won the respect of society. His legend in Taiwan has long been a household name, a model for countless young people. Someone asked him: "If you have a pair of sound hands, you most want to use it to do?" He smiled and said: "I will be holding his wife in the left hand, right hand holding two daughters, take a good life. "

In fact, life is a game of chess, and your game is. Even in the chessboard to take advantage of, even if you left a cannon of the mess, you do not push plate throw in the towel, but to smile face, stick with the game down, because life is often insist on transit machine, It was a "boring palace"!

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