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I want to feel the weight of life

Faye 2017-01-18 19:00:25

I want to feel the weight of life

We know how to cry from the beginning, because we came to the world to do the first thing is to cry, and that the birth of crying and growing up crying and there is a big difference. The first cry of the newborn just to survive, and the future of crying or uncomfortable, or happy, or sad, or moved, tears of the person must be sentient beings. Crying is the beginning of life, along with life through the four seasons of life, but also eventually with the end of life and slide down the last tear of life. The pain of life perishable expression in the self-knowledge and family nostalgia. No one does not know the value of life, but some people can easily give up their lives, of course, some people will be deprived of their own lives for their own interests. Life is more of the old and die, no matter what form of loss of life, to people who have no consciousness, do not like, not sad, only a rigid body, leaving their loved ones unparalleled pain, life and death is the weight of life!

When we feel the weight of life, understand that life is not a game can not start all over again, there is no pre-set mode, let us go to this life. We are all looking for, looking for the most pure childhood dreams; we are struggling with life, struggling to go to their own and their loved ones a copy of the life of the blooming, happy! In the process of describing life, because we continue to work harder and harder! It is precisely because of this hardship makes us feel proud, because we do not waste life! Life is not a virtual life is the weight!

It is often said that life is like a fire, burning constantly in life, the release of energy, energy, people will be radiant. This is our life to pursue, for the purpose of this life we do not have the slightest relaxation, we continue to work, even if life does not give us too much in return, we are fighting for their own dreams. A person who has experienced the threat of death, the pain of purgatory, the taste of desolation, fear, despair and helplessness, then he will be better to cherish life, he will understand life never give up, fighting spirit is life weight.

Life is a weight, let not become a dust in this world, the wind drift. The weight of life will allow us to take root in the ground, to grow, to accept the moisture of the rain, to accept the sunshine. Although the world there are squally showers, but the weight of life with any fear of the wind and rain, the wind and rain can only make us more strong, and we will grow in the storm!

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