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Three interesting ways to enjoy single

Max Lin 2017-01-22 11:40:52

1. Enjoy quiet and freedom
Just think. No more arguments and compromising. No more worries about your boyfriend. You’re absolutely free and you should definitely enjoy your freedom. While relationships are fun, everything happens for a reason and if you’re single now there may be an important reason for it. Don’t stress over your single life and don’t try desperately to find a new boyfriend. Enjoy your freedom and the things you like most.

2. Pursue new hobbies
If your ex didn’t like your hobbies and interests, and you couldn’t indulge in your favorite hobby because he often laughed at you, now it’s the perfect time to do that. I’m keen on painting and I really love it, but once my ex crushed my motivation and inspiration to paint because he thought painting was a strange hobby.

I made a huge mistake when I stopped pursuing my hobby for the sake of my ex and I’m happy that I didn’t marry him. My current boyfriend loves all my paintings and we even paint together when he has free time. Never stop pursuing your favorite hobbies and developing new ones. Just because your boyfriend doesn’t like what you do, doesn’t mean you should stop doing it. Don’t let anyone control your life.

3. Focus on your friends
Another great and fun way to enjoy your single life is to spend more time with your friends. When you are in a relationship, it’s difficult to find more time for your friends.
Now you are single, so make sure you have a lot of fun together. Reconnect with your old friends or make new friends, if you don’t have any. My close friend didn’t have friends because her ex-boyfriend didn’t allow her to meet her friends. I couldn’t even call her and talk to her. Now that she finally and luckily broke up with him, I’m happy that we can spend some time together and have a lot of fun. But I think she is happier than me, guess why?

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