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Let love become the source

  • Author:Hopely Li
  • Release on :2016-09-27

"Meranti" has been in the past several days, but during the typhoon days the heart warming storys, will always keep us warm. 
After the typhoon, the lovely Flying Tiger partner to take the initiative to join the reconstruction of Hong Cuo Park, they say: small trees also have life, whether can we save these more than ten years of life, depends on  this two days to clean out a life passage if possible. If cutting branches, cleaning up the branches, large equipment will be more willing to come here to rescue a large number of down trees. 
Every Finehope volunteers full of love, will be infected with the whole of Xiamen, together into a beautiful Xiamen soft power! Let love become the source, if we make a contribution then everything around us will become more beautiful!

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