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Success is due to love

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-09-27

For a girl, if the fish and bear's paw can not have both, in the strength and appearance of the two alternative cases, most girls will choose appearance. In the increasingly impetuous, eager to crash into the modern, beautiful appearance for the cause, especially the role of emotion has been fueled by the community's highly sought after, almost became a universal pass. However, without a beautiful appearance does not mean that you can not be successful, as long as you do not give up the dream of love, you will like the famous movie star Meryl Streep as their own success.

The late 1940s, Streep was born in a small town in New Jersey, the ordinary looks destined to miss her and beautiful. But her family is full of artistic atmosphere, the mother likes to sing, father is good at playing the piano, Streep by subtle influence of art. When she was daring to sing the first sentence of life lyrics, the mother rushed her thumbs up, and patiently guide her singing. As a result, when an opera actor became her childhood's biggest dream. After graduating from high school, Streep chose Yale University Department of Drama, and actively participate in various performances, frequently try various roles, to fight for the dream.

Once and the film's accidental contact, Streep found himself love movies than drama, after some thinking, she changed the dream of life, decided to put their dreams into the love of the film. Streep though has a very different artistic temperament and solid performance skills, but she looks flat in the film industry this "beautiful circle" is not optimistic. Too high cheekbones, not slim figure has been some people laugh at the film industry, the most abjection, she had to go to a restaurant when the waiter, her movie dream seems to be out of reach.

28-year-old that year, unwilling to Streep finally so a chance to play in the film "Julia" in a small role. Her natural fresh performance to give the role of special charm, although the appearance is not beautiful, the same audience that many fascinated, dumping. Subsequently, her different ways of performing the United States caused widespread concern in the film, her huge performance potential hidden so many directors attention. Streep became a hit, and no joy in shape, still maintain a low-key life, high-profile work style. In the face of honor, Streep has not been carried away by fame and fortune, to continue the filming of "out of Africa" and a series of critics in the future regarded as a classic film, a legendary Hollywood star.

With age, lead gradually faded, young and beautiful new people have mushroomed to grow up, Streep in the film significantly reduced. But as long as she performed the movie is applauded, not better than angel faces, devil figure popular female star less, but made others can not replace the film status. From the film 30 years, Streep set Oscar 2 times after the closure, 15 times the nomination record, so far no one beyond.

Streep faced the glory of honor, calmly said: "Everything is due to love, I like to see in the cinema to see my appreciation of those excellent actor's performance, and get inspiration! Yes, I steal from others' The audience is like watching movies, and I'm crazy about movies.

Love is a "magician", not a superior appearance of the girl to shape the history of the Queen of the film, so that a Huafa gradually become a woman on the screen is not old legend.

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