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Want to succeed, you have to work hard

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-09-27

Life is hard work, as long as the hard work, to a certain time, it will be harvested. As the saying goes: "When a spring rain knocked on the door of the earth to sleep, so that the spring of recovery of all things to." Farmers from the spring and summer to autumn and winter, hard-growing crops, to the harvest season, you can enjoy the fruit plump. As long as you sow the hope, will certainly return you a golden autumn.

Life is the need to design their own over their own life, to the old do not regret it. Students to school, every day, serious learning, can absorb the knowledge to get good grades. "A hard work, a harvest" is not available, nor out of reach, but it is always behind the truth.

Mr. Hu Shi said: "how to harvest, first planted." Means to tell you to work hard, hard work, shed hard sweat, to taste the sweet fruit. With a pure look at the world, the world is wonderful, with indifferent way to life, life is beautiful.

As the saying goes: "the world is not difficult, I'm afraid people." Do not think anything for nothing, no pains, there is a harvest, you want to succeed, you must work hard. Not afraid of failure, fell to get up again. If you work hard to give up halfway, one can imagine, nothing; the other hand, if it is unremittingly concentrate on cultivators, fall to, he will get rich fruit.

The ancients said: "The book to use the side hate less" is a metaphor if a person does not seriously study hard, motivated, grow up to know their talent is very flat. So we should work hard in order to have fruitful harvest. There are homes have, have to pay to have a return, there may be a hard work is a causal law. I deeply understand that only efforts to forge ahead, to make their own in all aspects of development. I know that the farmers are bitter, the sun shower, but I like to smell the smell of vegetables, like to see green and green scenery, like to see the harvest of gold, life is not hard work? In ancient China, there was such a word as "not violating the peasants". This is the essence of hard work for thousands of years people sum up. Not according to diachronically cultivated people obviously do more difficult, less harvest. Perhaps the green apple to the owner said that these are.

Every wheat season fragrance, the field is full of farmer uncle figure, they planted in spring, autumn harvest, so their faces hung sweet smile, pay with the harvest, how can not be happy What? Our study is not the same as the peasants uncle's hard work? Only left the sweat of effort, will taste the joy of success. This is the truth you can not change, and you can not change the fact!

listen! Tractor farmland in that place the sound, more like a rich country ditty ah! Look! That the farmer brothers busy figure, more like a little hard bee work! Because of them, the world is so magical! Summer is so beautiful!

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