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Let the World Hear Our Voice

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2018-01-05

In China, if you ask a foreigner how he thinks about Chinese people, he will surely speak highly of Chinese people. In his eyes, people there are smart and friendly. While the situation is very different in western countries, they have bad impression of Asian people.

In the general opinions of foreigners, Asian people are smarter than them, but they are poor and rude. Most media report the relative news with negative sides. They try to implant people the idea of the stereotype of Asian people, so as to boast how well they are. But the fact is not true, Asian people are hard-working and polite. They don’t like to argue with others and they want to keep silence.

As the culture is very different, western media barely spread the voice of Asian people, so our voice has been ignored and culture misunderstanding happens. As the world gets globalized, we need to let the world know our thoughts, so that we can have the power to protect our interest.

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