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Let the mind Walking

Faye 2016-08-15 13:51:37

★ inspirational world - the power of love big enough to make people forget everything, but small enough to envy the sand can not accommodate. ★

Everyone has his way, every road is correct. I think, now 50 million people, there are 5 billion right way. Unfortunately, they do not want people that own the road, always want to go the way of others.

- Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard *

We all have their own life, their own experiences, their past, also have their own future, and these determine our different with others.

Everyone has their own ideas, their difficulties, their sorrow Melancholy.

Everyone has their own story, each story has its beginning, and the process ends. Domineering boys network

Everyone likes to revel in their own story. He plays the role of passers-by in someone else's story.

Everyone's mind has its own space, a space full of emotions, there may be a holy place, a piece of pure land.

In real life, some people in order to get more, and even do not deserve, has been kept looking, kept giving up, enjoying themselves in the outcome between depleted youth. Because they are afraid to lose and hard to hide, because life in suspicion and lost enjoyment of life's happiness, has already lost the joy and happiness; because some people lost a lot and heartbroken, Huijiu himself, shut himself in his building the barrier in the sadness, the result has lost continue to enjoy a happy life. Group name

Everybody wants to have a happy, so everyone's story will have a happy and already have had happiness, happiness has been some continuity, some happiness can only stay in the memory.

Once they have met with a lot of similar experiences and sad girl with blue eyes she has no vision for the future, his right to listen to her story made me sigh in addition, have been speechless.

She loved because they were themselves abandoned and alone for many years, has closed the door to their hearts, afraid to encounter once again hurt and refused to love and be loved. She longed for a person can take pity on her, loved her and accompany her through life is not luxury, but need a warm home, do not need a big can make two people perched hut, a love vibrant home just this simple requirements are difficult to obtain and have, long dark lonely let her cheek and closed her life difficult to be happy. She said she was afraid to play with friends, they will see the happiness of others is very sad, she was tired, she felt she had been groping in the dark life.

She looked helpless expression, helpless listening to her tone, I do not know what to say, you can not know what to say to comfort her. This is because he has been living for a long time, I can understand her pain, but I look at a loss, I do not know how to comfort her.

In fact, there are a lot of frustration in life go hand in hand to follow us. As love it, the people you live with is not necessarily the person you love, but the obligations and responsibilities in yourself must love this man, do you have a choice?

At this time a heavy beating out these random characters on the keyboard, only to find something when you want to carefully describe when everything is weak. Fatigue or, passion worth mentioning, each of us will continue to go along the road of their own, but also to continue to write their own stories, has only a lifetime, I hope we will not be alone in this life does not stop before, not fear will shrink, not because of bumpy road and escape. Please do not leave too much to our regret this life.

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