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To live in the great hope

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2016-08-15

Alexander the Great to the Greek world and the East brought the world cultural integration, the impact has been opened up to the present rich world of the Silk Road. He is said to put all the vigor of youth, starting Persian expedition occasion, he had all his property among his subjects.

To board the Persian conquest of the long journey, he had to buy all sorts of munitions and food and other things for which he needs a huge amount of money. But he cherished treasure from his licensed land, almost all the subjects gave a light distribution.

One shelter Erdi ministers fled Sri Lanka, deeply strange, asked Alexander the Great: "Your Majesty leave it with what?"

In response, Alexander replied: "I have only one treasure, that is 'hope'."

He said Bailey Er Di Ying Adams heard the answer later said: "Well, please allow us also to share it now." He declined assigned to his property, but the subjects of many people to emulate his approach.

My mentor, Josei Toda, president of Soka Gakkai second generation, often to our young people, said:. "Life can not be without hope, all of them are living in the hope that if there are people who are among the living among the hopeless life , then he can only be a loser "are liable to have some failures or obstacles, then despair, frustration continues, or the harsh reality, lost the courage to live;. Henyuan or others; the result ended up sighing, grumble. In fact, adversity without losing hope people will certainly open up a way out, at heart will feel the true joy in life.

Maintain the "hope" of life is strong. Lost "hope" of life, leading to the failure of the road. (Inspirational world

"Hope" is the power of life, in the heart of the United States has been holding "Dream" people are happy. You can also have said "hope" to live. It is the prerogative only humans was only given. Only people, just by itself generate hope for the future of the "light", in order to create their own life.

In this journey towards life, the most important is neither the property nor the position. But in his chest like a flame ignited a raging general idea, that is, "hope." Because that no gains and losses, and the great hope for people to live, and will definitely give birth to courage, not to difficult to do, and will definitely inspire great passion, the light starts flashing the wisdom of insight into reality. Only the wisdom of light increase with the years, lifelong hopeful people, is the highest belief, and who will be a winner in life.

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