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Lost struggle, real estate more we will also be homeless

Faye 2017-08-18 17:33:40

Since this time, house prices concern. In Shanghai, in order to obtain a lower down payment and deed tax, many people line up fake divorce; in Beijing, a listed company through the sale of two sets of sales in Hangzhou, a purchase order, five thousand followers, the purchase of the day before the signing of 5105 sets of real estate; School district to continue to save the shell ... ... the country's large and medium cities this round of housing prices situation, to create a new round of the property market boom, but also in the hearts of everyone rolling waves.

In the face of rising prices, some people sit on the sidelines, it was inexplicable panic, it was hesitant to wait and see, some people at the expense of borrowing money, the price is like a multi-prism, reflecting the diversity of different social groups. Rapid urbanization, rising demand, the impact on the real economy, the possible financial risks ... ... professional analysis of economics, from all angles to show the real estate market complex. High prices, the impact on the economy remains to be seen, but the impact on social mentality has emerged.

Lost struggle, real estate and more we will be homeless

As early as the Shenzhen housing prices rose, the Internet spread such a piece: a businessman 16 years ago, selling business, after 16 years of hard struggle, but also earned money to sell the house bought back. Such a fictional story, with a near fable way to poke the real pain points: in front of the fast rise in prices, the struggle finally returned to the starting point. As a result, there are business owners off the factory real estate, bluntly "open the factory as to buy a few suites"; and a family from the house price increases and wage income in the comparison found that "house appreciation spike hard work." These social phenomena are hidden in such a logic that the rapid rise in housing prices, will make the value of the devaluation of struggle, deconstruction of the meaning of struggle. This may be the biggest impact of high prices on social mentality.

"All the happiness of the world needs to rely on hard work to create", this sentence should be a society's most solid consensus. Only people believe in struggle and labor, and are willing to create their own hands through the future, a society can be full of vigor and vitality. On the contrary, if the appreciation of a house can cover the struggle of the effort, and even become a person no matter how the struggle can not cross the gap, then in accordance with the principle of rational choice, real estate speculation will be popular, and tangible struggle, diligent Hard work, will be neglected.

And when the hard work is not as speculative real estate, it may establish a wrong direction and values. According to the central bank announced the data, in July this year, new RMB loans 4636 billion yuan, of which households accounted for nearly 99% of new loans, in stark contrast to it is the new credit for the negative growth. Some people lament: the United States, Haier, Suning, the United States to do real estate, Wahaha, hi Lang Lang, Wuliangye real estate, even the Great Wall mattress are doing real estate, real estate so that 72 lines are the same way. If the public put more energy on the real estate speculative short-term gains, will be squeezed for long-term goal of hard work space; and if the enterprise from the main direction of the real economy, it is possible to lose the most core competitiveness, and ultimately threaten the Chinese economy Sustained and healthy development of the power.

House prices have their own laws, the development of the real estate market also has its own path. But no matter what, should not let the price to resolve the value of struggle. Otherwise, no room for the house day and night rush, become the material on the slaves; real estate people are dreaming of lying to earn money, become the spirit of the house slaves. The result, it may be house prices in the triumph, digest the social vitality and creativity. When everyone believes that relying on the struggle to change the fate, when each business believe that the main business is the human right way, our society can release a stronger development momentum, develop better prospects for development.

Looking at the history of modernization in the world, real estate can be an important part of the national economy, but not a country's core competitiveness. The most important thing is that we can not because of high prices and lost faith in the struggle, compared to the house, we should believe that their hands; compared to real estate, we should stimulate the morale of hard work. Otherwise, lose the fight, have more real estate, we will also be homeless.

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