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PU material applications described in the clothing sporting goods and household items

Faye 2015-11-27 13:56:35

PU (polyurethane, abbreviated PU) product line includes: flexible polyurethane from a skin (ISF) series; Polyurethane high resilience (HRF) series; polyurethane solid tires (ST) series; polyurethane slow rebound (VF) series; polyurethane rigid Quality (HF) foam series. Involving fitness equipment, auto parts, medical equipment, furniture accessories, handicrafts, shoes, architectural decoration and other fields.

Use in clothing Sporting Goods: Polyurethane change of clothing style, in our life plays a role. Its representative products are comfortable, soft, stretchable and flexible design freedom of spandex fibers.

In addition to being used for ladies cosmetic puff, pantyhose, socks, but also for ski jacket, swimsuit and so on, its amazing extensibility get maximum use.

In skiing, yachting and other sporting goods aspects, polyurethane coating its excellent abrasion and weather resistance are chosen. Lightweight, full of good wear resistance of rigid foam used for skis and surfboards core material with excellent elasticity and abrasion resistance of polyurethane elastomer is used as a sports shoe soles.

Use in household items: In terms of room supplies, polyurethane applications products showcase of its comfort. Polyurethane coating the surface of furniture, pianos and other musical instruments has a beautiful luster, it plays a strong protective effect. Soft foam cushion is used as the most commonly used materials, as well as health bedding body pressure dispersion.

In terms of kitchen supplies, rigid foam insulation used in refrigerators and other material. Polyurethane resin has good adhesion with the plastic film is used as a food packaging adhesives. As well as in water purification sealing materials, diapers and sanitary products and other applications.
Harmless polyurethane elastomers in terms of its use is expanding. Moreover, in our lives, polyurethane leather, synthetic leather, foam and so on it is made bags and shoes, with its natural style and durability to win praise.

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