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PU material introduced in the electronic products and medical devices

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2015-11-26

PU (polyurethane, abbreviated PU) product line includes: flexible polyurethane from a skin (ISF) series; Polyurethane high resilience (HRF) series; polyurethane solid tires (ST) series; polyurethane slow rebound (VF) series; polyurethane rigid Quality (HF) foam series. Involving fitness equipment, auto parts, medical equipment, furniture accessories, handicrafts, shoes, architectural decoration and other fields. 

Use in electronic equipment: promote the development of the electronics industry is a polyurethane mission. It has excellent abrasion resistance and adhesion properties of the polyurethane adhesive in recording / video tapes, computer disks, and IC card with electronic travel tickets and the manufacturing process, as all kinds of adhesive magnetic recording medium, the recording density obtained improve.

In addition, the insulating sealing varnish polyurethane enameled wire is used for the manufacture. Ultraviolet (UV) curable polyurethane fiber optic cable is made. In recent years, polyurethane adhesive is also applied to a mobile phone printed circuit and so on, and continue to further develop applications to suit the times.

PU material progress of the medical profession are also contributing. Polyurethane elastomers because of their specific structure and has an excellent human adaptability, adhesiveness and anti-thrombotic, as best capping material, used in artificial kidney hollow filament bundles fixed. And further improve its anti-blood tied resistance and human adaptability, actively carry out applied research artificial heart and artificial skin and other aspects.

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