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PU material describes materials used in industry

Faye 2015-11-27 14:29:44

Polyurethane is also indispensable industrial materials. For example, by molecular design enables optimum abrasion strength elastomer, is applied to copiers and printers OA equipment and paper, iron and plating with roller, and is made with a variety of uses, tubes, sheets and film material. The development processing technology is also very active.

In addition, the polyurethane foam has excellent insulation effect and durability, storage tanks and ground tanks in LNG facilities to be applied as the insulation material. Polyurethane adhesive applied to wood panels and MDF (MDF) and other wood fiberboard production, to avoid the release of formaldehyde in the home decor and more attention.

FINEHOPE is a company specializing in polyurethane (Polyurethane) product R & D and production enterprises. From R & D, performance testing, mold development, 3D graphics design, sample production formula, production, the overall package to meet customer needs. The adoption of advanced production equipment, superb technique, scientific management ideas, and always adhere to the quality management, production technology, research and development technology, process improvement, these five aspects of customer communication and create a first-class quality products to win your favor and praise. Products include flexible polyurethane self into the skin (ISF) series; Polyurethane high resilience (HRF) series; polyurethane solid tires (ST) series; polyurethane slow rebound (VF) series; polyurethane rigid (HF) foam series. Involving fitness equipment, auto parts, medical equipment, furniture accessories, handicrafts, shoes, architectural decoration and other fields. Products are exported to Japan, the United States and the European Community market, at home and abroad customers.

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