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Polyurethane car mat

Hannah Gao 2015-11-27 16:03:54

Taxi car’s appearance is the hardest hit of passenger complaints. Taxi drivers also feel very helpless: Mess passengers on and off like flow water every day, mud shoes and hands with a cargo of cars is always difficult to avoid being confused dirty. In line with recent market taxi transportation, the government Authority carry out special rectification action to clean the car appearance, city taxi company have 278 taxi installed on the new pads. The driver of the taxi got lot of joys from these mats, and said:. "Generally only private vehicles are equipped with tailored floor mats"
Car mats are now become essential automotive equipment, because mats can peel off the dirt and keep the car clean to create better driving environment, but also it can tailor to the car and make driving experience more comfortable. Currently, there are lots of types and brands of car mats in the market, here I would like to recommend for everyone a good quality and also a beautiful car mats.
First, it is a safe, eco-friendly, and designed in line with design features as the basic of human heath mat, the design is of earmarked car, three-dimensional shape, so you do not worry about the size of the mat, it can be used with the vehicle fully fit, increase driving safety and comfort; at the bottom there are special non-slip mats safety protection design, can effectively prevent any slip, increase driving safety; environmental protection. This products undergo strict fire-retardant, color fastness, formaldehyde content, atomization and other detection; and mildew, fire-retardant.
Xiamen Finehope is a professional OEM Polyurethane Co., the company's polyurethane car mats have good elasticity, wear resistance, anti-fatigue, anti-distortion, anti-aging, good comfort products, product performance and stability, more environmentally friendly (in line with REACH, ROHS). Products are designed using three-dimensional shape, car-specific mode of production and product superiority, it sought after by the major owners.
This is the recommended mat for everyone ,it has a high sales volume, product quality and security, which you can use is by the assurance of the manufacture..

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