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Polyurethane Foam Features Introduction

Faye 2015-12-19 19:37:37

Polyurethane foam is determined by rigid polyether polyols (rigid polyurethane foam combined polyether known as white material), and polymeric MDI (also known as the black material) prepared by the reaction. Mainly used for the preparation of rigid polyurethane foams, widely used in refrigerators, refrigerator, painting, solar energy, heat pipes, and construction.

Polyurethane Foam classification, according to its purpose and field, divided into rigid polyether polyols, polyether vinyl cyclopentane system rigid polyether polyols, polyether full of water, fire-retardant polyether. Wherein the polyether is mainly used for wood imitation wood products, all water is mainly used for all water pipes polyether foam, fire retardant polyether for the preparation of high demand products.

Polyurethane Foam features:
1, the unique thermal insulation properties, high efficiency energy-saving, environmental protection;
2, light weight, reduced load; is excellent in water resistance, thermal insulation, waterproofing combined;
3, simple design, high efficiency, progress fast, good quality, long life;
4, CFC-free foam, wide adaptation to the environment;
5, the adhesive strength: bonding ability, can be firmly bonded to the surface of concrete, brick, wood, steel, asphalt, rubber, and the like;
6, thermal conductivity: up 0.017-0.022W / mk, less than rock wool, glass wool, polystyrene board, extruded sheet and other building insulation materials;
7, hydrophobic properties: hydrophobic rate of more than 95%;
8, sealing performance: no cavities, no seams, the building envelope structure is completely wrapped, effectively prevent the wind and moisture out of the building through the gap flow, completely sealed;
9, dimensional stability: dimensional stability of less than one percent, has a certain elastic deformation, elongation greater than 5%;
10, constant performance: Polyurethane is an inert material, and do not react with acids and bases, and not insects and rodents food source can be maintained constant material properties and insulation properties;
11, wind performance: compressive strength> 300Kpa, tensile strength> 400Kpa, there is a strong wind exposing sexual, and its foam can be drilled into the wall gap, increasing its shear properties;
12, flame resistance: 3S from the fire self-extinguishing, surface carbonation can prevent combustion, and does not produce droplet.
13, waterproof performance, ① Water absorption: PU foam bubbles as a result of the obturator, the obturator rate> 92%, since the crust obturator 100%, water absorption size and density, density greater water absorption smaller, ie density low water absorption, because the higher the density, the greater the obturator rate. Therefore, the provisions wall insulation PU density ≮30kg / m3, water absorption <3%, since the crust of water absorption <2%, the insulation layer can prevent the outward migration of water vapor indoor and outdoor humidity inward migration. ② impermeability: PU itself minimal water absorption, under hydrostatic pressure working conditions, can withstand 1000 24h of water penetration depth <5mm, PU insulation can be done, but also play the role of water.

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