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Polyurethane getting started

Faye 2015-12-17 15:07:13

Polyurethane is a polymer macromolecular chains containing urethane-type repeating structural units, called polyurethane, the English called Polyurethane, abbreviated PU or PUR. PU is the reaction product of a certain percentage, the earliest in 1937 synthesized from a polyisocyanate and polyether or polyester polyol by the German company. It is not like PE, PP, as has a very clear structure, and usually refers to a class of polymers containing specific groups. Due to the different types and composition of the two synthetic monomers can be divided into two types of linear thermosetting thermoplastic PU PU and sizes. PU elastomers and foams can be divided into two categories, had previously been based in the foam, the current pace of development is very rapid elastomers, use is also growing plant.

Polyurethane Full called polyurethane, is collectively repeat carbamate group-containing polymer compound in the main chain. It is made from an organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate compound with two or more hydroxyl polyaddition. In addition to the polyurethane macromolecule carbamate, it can also contain ether, ester, urea, biuret, allophanate like groups. According to the different materials used, it can have different types of products, generally two types of polyester and polyether. It can be used in the manufacture of plastics, rubber, fiber, rigid and flexible foams, adhesives and coatings. Polyurethane is a new organic polymer materials, known as "the fifth largest plastic", because of its superior performance has been widely used in construction, automobiles, light industry, textile, petrochemical, metallurgy, electronics, defense, medical, machinery and other fields.

1937 German professor Otto Bayer first found polyisocyanate with a polyol compound addition polymerization reaction can be obtained polyurethane, and as a basis for entering the industrial application, Britain and other countries From 1945 to 1947 to obtain a polyurethane resin from the German manufacturing technology in 1950 We have begun to industrialize. Japan in 1955 from the German company Bayer and the United States DuPont company introduced polyurethane industrial production technology. The late 1950s of the polyurethane industry started nearly 10 years of rapid development.

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