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Say something to yourself

  • Author:Faye
  • Release on:2017-03-28

Happiness today does not mean tomorrow, today, frustration does not mean that tomorrow failed, people must stand the test of life, hard work, calm man, Chongrubujing. "Heiner rivers, there is tolerance, wall thousands of points, no desire is just". In the face of life, do not give up, through today's rugged, may be able to usher in tomorrow's smooth; through today's wind and rain, may be able to usher in tomorrow's sunny; through today's defeat, may be able to usher in tomorrow The brilliant.

Life is mixed, life and life gains and losses coexist. Even if the wind raging, poplar still choose to stand; even if the moment is a moment, Epiphyllum still choose to bloom. "Mysterious bamboo has bow leaves, proud plum no sunny flowers", for tomorrow, do not lose in the pursuit of enjoyment, do not lose self-esteem in the difficult, do not lose confidence in the confusion.

Tomorrow is a land to be reclaimed, hard work will make it vibrant, beautiful picturesque. Tomorrow, there is no time to tunnel, if tomorrow will be better, today we must go all out. Even if only a dust in their own flowers, please choose to do the most beautiful bloom. No matter where we are, we have to write the most beautiful poems today in tomorrow, the chic figure printed on the world stretched in the horizon.

This is what I want to say to yesterday, today and tomorrow my own words, and I also hope that my friends can share with me. And then we have a great effort, treasure yesterday, cherish today, cherish tomorrow! We are trials and hardships, we are endless, our line and firm and hard and cherish!

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