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Do not think so much life

Do not think so much life

Faye 2017-03-28 14:15:34

Live well, do not think so much. I do not know when, laugh not reach the eyes, I do not know when, words insincere Boring people, arouses sadness; boring things, annoying. Too much care about the idea of someone else, gradually forget what is happy.

Silence, a person's inner cry, reticent, was hurt after the sad. Tired, at the friend scattered, tired, I do not know what time changed. Fragile, do not want to disguise themselves, simple, and do not want to whom grievances. Ignore the people, do not worry, do not like, do not gallant. No longer for others to embarrass themselves, no longer hesitate to lose the opportunity.

Get together to really sincere, do not come together to leave frankly. Like to do things to adhere to, as long as they feel meaningful. People in this life, such as foal, too care about the eyes of others why? Live well, do not think so much, figured out, the whole world is beautiful, tangled, hurt others hurt themselves.

Experienced the hardships to know how to cherish, bless others to let go of their own. Soldiers to block, water to cover, fell to climb to fight is the courage. Really treat, give full effort, can afford to put down worthy of their own.

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