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Self-controlled When Watch Movie

  • Author:Eylan
  • Release on:2017-09-25

New year is the great moment for people, and many families choose to go to the cinema and enjoy the hour. But recently, the news reported an unhappy incident that a woman was talking loudly while watching movie and an audience beat her for anger. The public criticized the woman’s impolite behavior, though the audience was rude.

The impolite behavior in the cinema happens all the time. When watching the movie, I really hate people talk, or the kids share opinions with adults. They are disturbing the audience. Some people don’t talk, but they play smart phone, showing a light in the dark, it is very uncomfortable. Everybody goes to the movie to take relax, the one who doesn’t control their behavior will disturb others.

It is everybody’s duty to self-behave. Parents need to educate their children, or set the good example to them. Foreigners always complain about the rude behavior on Chinese people. We have to admit our rude act, only in this way can we get improved.

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